Verizon’s Current Bundle Offerings

Verizon’s Current Bundle Offerings

Verizon bundles are special offers by Verizon, targeted at people who are interested in saving some money on their various phone, TV and Internet services. Verizon has several different bundles from which customers can choose, and it is a great idea to first get familiar with its current bundles instead of just picking any one of them at random.

Verizon features standard Verizon bundles that are dubbed either Double Play or the Verizon Triple Play. However, both Double Play and Triple Play Verizon bundles have different levels of services that are included.

For example, Verizon’s current (As of Dec 5th 2011) Double Play bundle is actually 2 different bundles that pertain to customers’ phone and Internet choices. The cheapest Double play bundle is $44.99, and it includes high-speed Internet with speeds ranging from 4 to 7 Mbps and Verizon Freedom Essentials, which relates to the phone service. This phone service features the opportunity to call at any time of the day and always pay the same rate. The next level of Verizon Double Play bundle costs $49.99, and it covers customers’ phone and Internet needs, too. For an extra $5, customers will get high-speed Internet service that features speeds of 768 kbps to 1 Mbps.

Verizon’s Freedom Value is the phone service that is attached to this bundle. This means that customers can expect crystal-clear voice quality, residential calling that is unlimited for regional, local and long-distance purposes, and a guarantee of 99.9 percent Verizon phone network dependability.

Verizon bundles also include Triple Play bundles. There are 3 different bundles from which to choose under this offer. For $74.99, customers can get high-speed Internet that features speeds ranging from 4 to 7 Mbps, DirecTV Choice Xtra and a DVR, and Verizon Freedom Essentials. For $79.99, customers can get the next-costliest Triple Play bundle. It includes high-speed Internet that’s enhanced, DirecTV Choice Xtra plus a DVR, and Verizon Regional Essentials. For $89.99, customers are able to buy a Triple Play bundle that features high-speed Internet with speeds going from 4 to 7 Mbps, DirecTV Choice Ultimate with HD and a DVR, and Verizon Freedom Essentials.

Verizon also features Verizon FiOS bundles. These bundles refer to Verizon services that work over a fiber-optic communications system or network. Verizon has two FiOS Double Play bundles. The cheaper one for $69.99 features FiOS TV Prime HD and FiOS Internet 15/5. The FiOS Double Play bundle for $79.99 offers customers FiOS Internet 25/25 and unlimited calling on their phone service. Verizon also offers customers a FiOS Triple Play option. This provides customers with the opportunity to pay $89.99 and in return receive FiOS TV Prime HD, FiOS Internet 15/5 and unlimited calling on their phone service.

All told, Verizon bundles are good because they are an excellent value for their customers’ hard-earned dollar. By bundling various components of essential services—such as TV, Internet and phone—Verizon is able to provide its customers with the latest in high-tech solutions for a lot cheaper than if these aforementioned services were purchased individually. As a result, Verizon customers are able to save a good amount of money with Verizon bundles and still get fast and high-tech Internet, TV and phone services. Customers must also note that if they don’t act quickly on these offers, then any special promotions or offers could end at any time.

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