Verizon Offers Business Bundles

Verizon bundles are now being offered by Verizon Business. Verizon bundles are service packages that include high-speed Internet, VoIP, and data and customer premise equipment services for small to mid-sized businesses, defined as those with 300 to 1,000 employees. The bundles are called “BizPaks”. They have been created to target single-location organizations that seek an advantage in deploying all of their basic business communications all at once.

Verizon’s marketing division feels that small businesses more and more are looking for a single provider that can meet all of their communications needs as well as their security needs.

“With these new offerings, medium-sized business customers can take advantage of Verizon Business’ proven enterprise-grade solutions, tailored to their specific needs and with local accountability. We’re harnessing the power of IP technology to address the increasingly complex and unique needs of mid-market customers and help them get to where they want to go, on their own path and at their own pace,” says Ray Wierzbicki, senior vice president of SMB & Conferencing and Collaboration for the Verizon Business division.

“The companies we’re offering BizPaks to aren’t just looking for VoIP or data or security, but rather a bundle of all the ‘foundational elements’ for their business communications. We offer a range of basic packages depending on the number of voice lines the company needs, which we can add additional capabilities such as managed services, security, and remote backup if the customer wants them,” says Patrick Sullivan, Verizon’s marketing director for the BizPak project.

Verizon bundles are intended to be enterprise-grade solutions that sell at small business prices. The company seeks to keep its prices controlled by using on-site system installation and training, while maintaining high quality standards through its QoS network. Each bundle contains a voice service and a relevant data service that are delivered via a converged line. This balance of price and quality, Verizon feels, gives it a decisive competitive advantage over the likes of other industry giants like AT&T and ComCast.

According to Current Analysis writers Brian Washburn (research director) and Cindy Whelan (senior analyst), “Verizon Business has set up BizPaks to be the flagship service that has the potential to bring the Verizon name back to wireline services for nationwide SMBs. Through its BizPaks, the carrier aims to make it easier for SMBs to do business with the company. Customer service representatives have automated tools to build a service package, together with a competitive price quote, for inquiring SMBs.”

Verizon beats the competition with new bundle services

Verizon continues to beat the competition with their new bundle services. Verizon offers Verizon FiOS or Verizon High Speed Internet (Verizon DSL Service), Verizon Freedom (unlimited long distance and local calling), and DirectTV (Or upgrade and go with FiOS TV) starting at $79.99 a month. New customers that sign up for the Verizon bundles services before June 20th, 2009 can get a $150 prepaid card.

In addition to the bundles, Verizon will continue to offer its non-bundled High Speed Internet service. 1 Megabits per second (Mbps) at $17.99 per month. 3 Mbps at $27.99 per month. 7.1 Mbps at $37.99 per month. Customer have to sign up for a two-year commitment to qualify. These prices are a lifetime guarantee.

Verizon’s High Speed Internet service is extremely popular. It is available to more than 20 million spanning 24 states and Washington D.C. Subscribers to the Verizon High Speed Internet service do not have limits on bandwidth caps like other internet providers. You can use as much bandwidth as you want.

Verizon High Speed Internet scores high in reliability, costs and fees of the internet service and outstanding customer service. More perks when ordering Verizon’s High Speed Internet service by June 20th 2009, is a free phone consultation. This will occur 39 days of their order. The free phone consultation is offered by Verizon’s top technical support team. This offer includes home networking configuration, operating system support, software support and PC and printer setup. This deal is a value of $90 but it is giving away for a limited time to new customers.

Verizon’s High Speed Internet service offers do not stop there. Customers will receive 250 megabytes (MB) of free onling and backup sharing. Verizon has always had the best customer service and technical support around.

Verizon has great internet security. At $5.99 a month, you will receive online protection from viruses and software. The internet security option provides a firewall, privacy software and parental control. The privacy software helps keep customers safe from phishers and hackers.

Verizon has an array of services for their customers. Customers can also protect their home entertainment devices with a device protection plan. $1 a day covers the repairs, replacements of all computers, televisions, telephones.

Verizon has been the leader when it comes to internet services, mobile services and television services. Verizon has the best customer service in the world. The company’s services have always been low and affordable.

Verizon Communications Inc. is located and headquartered in New York, is a top leader in delivering broadband and other wireless communication technologies that innovate it’s competitors. Verizon Wireless is America’s most trusted and reliable wireless network, serving more than 80 million customers nationwide. Verizon has continued to be the most innovate company for business generating over $97 billion last year. Verizon has left customers with a level of satisfaction that cannot be matched. Verizon cares about the customers and not the profit. Verizon’s services have been way ahead of its time and customers enjoy their innovations.

Verizon also has the most popular broadband wireless service in the country. Verizon’s phone service has been nothing more than incredible. No other company has done what Verizon has done. Verizon’s new bundle services should leave old and new customers craving for more.   Verizon FiOS    Verizon DSL

Verizon Bundles – Saves you More Money

Verizon Bundles up Services to Save you Money

Verizon now offers some amazing bundle deals where you can get a bundle of internet, phone and television service all at one low monthly price. This idea is not new within the industry, but because bundled services is so popular, Verizon has offered their bundles at amazing prices.

Verizon bundle services let you get three service from the same provider. That means instead of three separate bills each month, you only get one. Plus ordering a bundle means you get upfront savings. Verizon offers various deals, with the current one being a cash back deal. All deals offer a discount for each individual service. Most offers have a time limit in which you must sign up for the service before the ending date to receive the deal. Additionally, most offers are open to only new customers. Current customers can get a bundle package, but may not qualify for the special deals that are currently taking place.

The Verizon bundle offers you Verizon high speed internet, Verizon freedom unlimited local and long distance calling services and DIRECTC service at $79.99 a month. If you order by June 20, 2009, you will get back up to $150 in a prepaid card. In addition, with the phone service each customer gets a phone consultation with the premium technical support team for free within the first 30 days of service.

The idea behind the great deals from Verizon is that these deals are something customers need. In today’s strained economic environment, customers need all the value they can get for their dollar. It is true that ordering a bundled service can save you big money. You get large discounts on each individual service within the bundle. This equals an overall savings that will make you truly happy.

It is well worth considering this bundle deal if you are looking for a way to lower bills. It also helps those who want to simplify bill paying since you get all three bills in one. As always, Verizon offers free 24/7 technical phone support for their services, so you always have the backing of the company if you should ever need assistance.

Verizon has recently made changes within its networks and continues to make changes to help increase the quality of services and the value of services for customers. Bundled service packages are just one way that the company is looking out for their customers. Recent decisions within the company help to assure that you will always get the best deals.

Verizon has recently went through some downsizing in terms of their coverage networks. The sale of various rural networks has allowed for Verizon to focus more on existing customers in the next few years.

In fact, Verizon is already announcing plans for expanding the advanced FiOS Intenret & FiOS TV services to their customers. This will mean that in the future, not only will you have a great bundled deal, but you will be getting service from one of the top companies in the industry. You will have access to all the latest technology and the ability to stay on the forefront of new trends in communications. Verizon wants to ensure that customers never miss out on anything.

Get: Verizon High Speed Internet Verizon FiOS Internet Verizon FiOS TV

Verizon Bundle Deals

Verizon Bundle Deals

The trend in recent years has been to consolidate services. Cable services, for example, began selling Internet and phone services so all of the services could be combined onto a single bill to make paying easier and to help consumers save money. Phone services quickly followed the trend and began creating their own cost-saving bundles. Now that Verizon is rolling out its FiOS services, a whole new line of bundles is being made available in those areas where this service can be purchased. Below is an overview of some of the Verizon bundles available for this service.

Lowest Price Bundle

For just under $100 per month, you can receive FiOS Internet in your home with speeds of 10 Mbps for downloads and 2 Mbps for uploads (faster speeds than currently available for the fastest high speed Verizon DSL service). Along with the high speed Internet, you will also receive FiOS TV Essentials which includes more than 290 digital channels and 14 HD channels for your viewing. The bundle is rounded out by the Verizon Freedom Essentials voice plan. This plan offers unlimited local and long distance calling, voice mail, and popular features, including Call Waiting and Caller ID.

The Better Bundle

For just under $110 per month, you’ll receive a trio of services, including high speed Internet, voice, and television programming. This plan, like the cheaper one, comes with the Verizon Freedom Essentials plan so you’ll have complete unlimited calling, Caller ID, Call Waiting, and voice mail with this package, too. However, you will receive faster speed with your FiOS Internet: 20 Mbps for downloads and 5 Mbps for uploads. The biggest difference, however, is in your television package. Called FiOS TV Extreme HD, this part of the plan will give you more than 340 digital channels and 55 HD channels.

The High End Bundle

For just under $140 per month, you can have a similar combination of services, plus something extra for movie lovers. As with the two previous bundles, the Verizon Freedom Essentials voice plan is going to be included here as well. That means you’ll get the unlimited calling and all of the extra features that particular plan comes with. Additionally, you will receive the same speed of Verizon FiOS Internet: 20 Mbps for downloads and 5 Mbps for uploads. You will also have bundled with these services that FiOS TV Extreme HD plan with its 348 digital channels and 55 HD channels. The difference between this and the preview plan, besides approximately $30 per month, is the FiOS TV premium channels which include more than 45 HD channels that includes HBO, Cinemax, and other premium movie channels.

Other Bundle Options

Depending on your location and the services available in your area, you may be able to choose from other Verizon FiOS bundles. One example is known as the Verizon Flex Triple Play. With this plan, you do receive the FiOS Internet with 20 Mbps downloads and 5 Mbps uploads. You also receive the FiOS TV Extreme HD plan which includes digital and HD channels, as well as a number of sports channels. Plus, you will have the Nationwide Basic wireless plan which includes 450 minutes, as well as unlimited nights and weekends and unlimited calling to five of your closest friends and family members, as well as unlimited calling to other Verizon wireless subscribers. This particular bundle costs just under $120 per month but could be a good choice if you no longer want to use your landline phone and are already or are interested in becoming a Verizon Wireless customer.

Good Reasons to Choose Bundles

When you’re looking at the above bundles, you are getting three great services in each one and saving money in the process. Plus, Verizon is offering $150 back to customers who sign up for a two year agreement for one of these bundles.

Another benefit of choosing the bundles is that you can sometimes put together the package of your choices. Because Verizon offers so many services, you can mix and match to get the bundle that best meets your needs. A combination of wireless phone, landline phone, television programming, and high speed choices are available.

But what if you want all four of these services? If all four are available in your area, you can combine them into your own bundle. Here is an example of what you can get for just under $150 when you create a custom bundle:

•    Verizon Freedom Essentials voice service (unlimited local and long distance calling, voice mail, Caller ID, and Call Waiting)
•    FiOS Internet (20 Mbps downloads and 5 Mbps uploads)
•    FiOS Extreme HD with hundreds of digital and dozens of HD channels
•    Nationwide Basic (450 minutes of call time, plus unlimited calling to in-network, to five of your friends and family members, and anyone on nights and weekends)

You can also save $10 on the price of that bundle if you downgrade your television option to FiOS television essentials. Or you could save approximately $70 by dropping both phone plans and sticking to just the FiOS Extreme HD and the FiOS Internet services.

Upgrading Your Bundle

Another nice feature of purchasing bundles is that you can still usually upgrade many of the services included. For example, if you want to boost the speed of your FiOS Internet, you may be able to do that just by adding some additional fees to your monthly plan. Likewise, you can add more channels and features onto your FiOS television programming packages.

Bundling Tips

Remember that different bundle options may be available in your area. Consider your specific needs before you being choosing a bundle – you don’t save money by adding services you don’t want or need. Always compare what you’d be paying individually for services, as well. That way you can make sure you are getting the best price possible for the services you want to have in your home.

Verizon Bundles their Verizon Internet Service and Calling Plans

Verizon Bundles their Verizon Internet Service and Calling Plans

Tired of paying high prices for your different services? Well, Verizon has heard you and they are offering some great bundles.  If you are looking to move away from dial up internet service, check out the DSL and calling plan bundles from Verizon.  We are all aware of the high caliber of cell phone service that Verizon has, so now is a great time to check out their other services.  A special of $49.99 per month for a one year period is being advertised for DSL and calling plan.  They call it the Double Play, and if you want to order it online the price is reduced by another five dollars a month for a year.

Let’s take a closer look at the Verizon calling plan first.  The name of it is Verizon Freedom Value.  You will receive unlimited calling so that you can talk to anyone wherever they are for one price.  Not only is this good throughout the United States, but it encompasses Canada and Puerto Rico.   Imagine your local, regional and long distance calling for one fixed price.  Verizon promises that you will receive the same reliability that you have come to expect from them.  If you need to make international calls you can also add this to the Verizon Freedom Value calling plan.

The Verizon High Speed Internet – Starter Plan gives the user 1 Mbps connection speed.  This is thirty four times faster than your old dial up service.  Statistics show that well over a hundred million customers use this Verizon service.  Some of the additional things that come with the internet plan are: Verizon’s reliable service, up to nine e-mail accounts, 10 MB of your own personal web space and total synchronization with your BlackBerry.

If the above extras aren’t enough to convince you, then let’s complete the list.  You can get discounts on movies and games, and your Verizon Broadband can come with your choice of Windows Live, Yahoo or AOL.  Can’t live without being up to date with any sports news? Don’t worry.  Not only will you have sports information, you will get news and entertainment.  The security that is provided is excellent and you can expect tech support twenty four/seven.  If for some reason you are not satisfied with the service, you can take advantage of their thirty day money back policy.

The Verizon internet service is easy to install.  You will receive everything you need to install it yourself with a free kit.  No waiting for someone to come to your home.  All of the installation will be done ahead of your start up date.  It is simple to install, easy to use, and gives you the speed that you want in internet service.

Log on to the Verizon web site or visit a Verizon store to find out about the great Verizon Bundles for DSL and calling plan.  If you sign up online you can expect to get extra savings for the first year of service.  Verizon is helping you to save money and have the most advanced services available.