Web Enabled TVs are on the Way

Companies are working on TVs that are web enabled for consumers to purchase in the near future. These TV’s would be capable of downloading videos, letting users check their Facebook page, and so much more. The only problem is most cable companies are not prepared to handle the TVs.

Most cable companies do not have the bandwidth it will require for home users to download high definition videos. They didn’t make their connections with the ability to handle several people downloading high definition shows all at one time.

The companies that will be most successful when web enabled TVs come to the market will be the ones that use fiber optic lines. The companies with bandwidth caps are going to be quickly overloaded. Cable companies will all make improvements to their networks to be able to support the web enabled TVs, but this could take a few years.

Verizon is the company that is predicted to do the best right now. Their network is already capable of handling the web enabled TVs. They offer each subscriber a 200-800 Mbps connection.

With the success of Verizon’s FiOS web applications web enabled TVs stand to do very well. The cable companies will have to make changes to their networks if they want to keep up and remain competitive.