Qwest’s Current Internet DSL Specials

If you are considering Qwest for your high speed DSL internet they have some great specials currently running. Qwest offers for levels of DSL service for you to choose from.

1.The first package they are offering is the 1.5 Mbps. The plan is currently on sale for $19.99 a month for the first 12 months. To be eligible for this plan you need to have their home phone service. If you do not have their phone service the plan will cost you $30.00 a month. This plan is good for the basic home user that just checks their email, shares photos, and casually surfs the web.
2.The next package Qwest offers is the 7 Mbps. This plan is great if you download large files. If you have the Qwest home phone service this package will run you $25.00 a month for the first 12 months. If you do not have the home phone service it will cost $35.00 a month.
3. For more advanced users Qwest offers a 12 Mbps package. This package will allow you to download TV shows in a matter of minutes. This package costs $35.00 a month for 12 months as long as you have their phone service. If not you can expect to pay $45.00 a month.
4. The highest level of DSL service Qwest is offering right now is the 20 Mbps package. At only $45.00 a month for the first 12 months this is a great deal. You have to have Qwest home phone service to qualify for this price. If you do not it will run you $55.00 a month. This package will handle anything you need to do online. You can surf the net, download a TV show, and still chat with friends on IM all at the same time.
All of the above packages comes with Windows Live which will give you things like email addresses, parental controls, blogs, antivirus, instant messenger, static IP address, and junk mail protection.

If you are interested in Qwest’s DSL service visit their page to see if the service is offered in your area.

Qwest Partners with TechWeb

Qwest Communications, one of the pioneering companies in voice and data networking communications solutions government agencies, businesses, and educational organizations, has partnered with TechWeb, which bills itself as “the global leader in business technology media” to launch the “Qwest Beyond Business Connectivity Resource Center” (http://www.beyondconnectivity.com). This is designed to be a remarkable website where (IT) professionals can find and share resources quickly and conveniently.

When someone logs into the Resource Center, they are met by a digital, interactive concierge which acts as a guide for the visitor, taking her through an array of online resources. Custom managed services information, dedicated hosting environments, and VoIP technology are all available for perusal.

Qwest and TechWeb are confident that with this new multidimensional-environment and user friendly website, IT professionals will now be able to make the most informed telecommunications systems choices possible. Product details, technology white papers, customer testimonials, and webinar and video programming access are all available.

“The Qwest Beyond Business Connectivity Resource Center is an innovative tool for today’s busy network professionals. The center gives communications and network managers the ability to access authoritative advice, expert opinion, research, case studies, white papers and a wide range of other resources from a single, interactive Web site,” says Elliot Kass, TechWeb’s Vice President of Content Services.

Cindy Humphrey, vice president for Business Markets Group marketing at Qwest, adds, “Today more than ever, IT and business decision makers are looking for sophisticated, detailed online information while conducting research to support their communications and network needs. This digital concierge site developed with TechWeb will provide easily navigable information that is compelling in content as well as composition.”

The announcement comes at a time when investors are questioning how profitable Qwest can really remain. Qwest, ti is thought, is going to see some free cash flow diminishment because its larger competitors in AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon have moved ahead of Qwest in the VoIP and Internet bundling markets, while Qwest still has a heavy reliance on what got it to the top: the traditional fixed-line telephone service that more and more people are doing away with and replacing with the bundling options and their cell phones. In the most recent quarter, Qwest lost about 10% of these flagship service customers, and the company does not own a wireless network that it can use to retain customers like its aforementioned competitors all do.

It would seem to be the hope of Qwest Communications that this new venture with TechWeb will help to usher the company more fully into the wireless and ditigal communications age.