Verizon offers free promotion to slow DSL defection (FierceTelecom)

FiOS may be Verizon’s future, but with a loss of 135,000 DSL customers during the third-quarter–its worst reported loss to date–the ILEC wants to do something to stem the bleeding. Its answer is pretty simple: offer six months of DSL for free. Verizon will also extend the free DSL promotion to customers that choose to bundle DSL with their Freedom Essentials (local and long-distance voice …

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Verizon offers free promotion to slow DSL defection (FierceTelecom)

Verizon Bundle Deals

Verizon Bundle Deals

The trend in recent years has been to consolidate services. Cable services, for example, began selling Internet and phone services so all of the services could be combined onto a single bill to make paying easier and to help consumers save money. Phone services quickly followed the trend and began creating their own cost-saving bundles. Now that Verizon is rolling out its FiOS services, a whole new line of bundles is being made available in those areas where this service can be purchased. Below is an overview of some of the Verizon bundles available for this service.

Lowest Price Bundle

For just under $100 per month, you can receive FiOS Internet in your home with speeds of 10 Mbps for downloads and 2 Mbps for uploads (faster speeds than currently available for the fastest high speed Verizon DSL service). Along with the high speed Internet, you will also receive FiOS TV Essentials which includes more than 290 digital channels and 14 HD channels for your viewing. The bundle is rounded out by the Verizon Freedom Essentials voice plan. This plan offers unlimited local and long distance calling, voice mail, and popular features, including Call Waiting and Caller ID.

The Better Bundle

For just under $110 per month, you’ll receive a trio of services, including high speed Internet, voice, and television programming. This plan, like the cheaper one, comes with the Verizon Freedom Essentials plan so you’ll have complete unlimited calling, Caller ID, Call Waiting, and voice mail with this package, too. However, you will receive faster speed with your FiOS Internet: 20 Mbps for downloads and 5 Mbps for uploads. The biggest difference, however, is in your television package. Called FiOS TV Extreme HD, this part of the plan will give you more than 340 digital channels and 55 HD channels.

The High End Bundle

For just under $140 per month, you can have a similar combination of services, plus something extra for movie lovers. As with the two previous bundles, the Verizon Freedom Essentials voice plan is going to be included here as well. That means you’ll get the unlimited calling and all of the extra features that particular plan comes with. Additionally, you will receive the same speed of Verizon FiOS Internet: 20 Mbps for downloads and 5 Mbps for uploads. You will also have bundled with these services that FiOS TV Extreme HD plan with its 348 digital channels and 55 HD channels. The difference between this and the preview plan, besides approximately $30 per month, is the FiOS TV premium channels which include more than 45 HD channels that includes HBO, Cinemax, and other premium movie channels.

Other Bundle Options

Depending on your location and the services available in your area, you may be able to choose from other Verizon FiOS bundles. One example is known as the Verizon Flex Triple Play. With this plan, you do receive the FiOS Internet with 20 Mbps downloads and 5 Mbps uploads. You also receive the FiOS TV Extreme HD plan which includes digital and HD channels, as well as a number of sports channels. Plus, you will have the Nationwide Basic wireless plan which includes 450 minutes, as well as unlimited nights and weekends and unlimited calling to five of your closest friends and family members, as well as unlimited calling to other Verizon wireless subscribers. This particular bundle costs just under $120 per month but could be a good choice if you no longer want to use your landline phone and are already or are interested in becoming a Verizon Wireless customer.

Good Reasons to Choose Bundles

When you’re looking at the above bundles, you are getting three great services in each one and saving money in the process. Plus, Verizon is offering $150 back to customers who sign up for a two year agreement for one of these bundles.

Another benefit of choosing the bundles is that you can sometimes put together the package of your choices. Because Verizon offers so many services, you can mix and match to get the bundle that best meets your needs. A combination of wireless phone, landline phone, television programming, and high speed choices are available.

But what if you want all four of these services? If all four are available in your area, you can combine them into your own bundle. Here is an example of what you can get for just under $150 when you create a custom bundle:

•    Verizon Freedom Essentials voice service (unlimited local and long distance calling, voice mail, Caller ID, and Call Waiting)
•    FiOS Internet (20 Mbps downloads and 5 Mbps uploads)
•    FiOS Extreme HD with hundreds of digital and dozens of HD channels
•    Nationwide Basic (450 minutes of call time, plus unlimited calling to in-network, to five of your friends and family members, and anyone on nights and weekends)

You can also save $10 on the price of that bundle if you downgrade your television option to FiOS television essentials. Or you could save approximately $70 by dropping both phone plans and sticking to just the FiOS Extreme HD and the FiOS Internet services.

Upgrading Your Bundle

Another nice feature of purchasing bundles is that you can still usually upgrade many of the services included. For example, if you want to boost the speed of your FiOS Internet, you may be able to do that just by adding some additional fees to your monthly plan. Likewise, you can add more channels and features onto your FiOS television programming packages.

Bundling Tips

Remember that different bundle options may be available in your area. Consider your specific needs before you being choosing a bundle – you don’t save money by adding services you don’t want or need. Always compare what you’d be paying individually for services, as well. That way you can make sure you are getting the best price possible for the services you want to have in your home.

Verizon Freedom for Business

Verizon Freedom for Business offers many of the same benefits to businesses as Verizon Freedom plans do for the home consumer. Unlimited direct dialed local, regional, and long distance calls, billed at one fixed flat rate, on one simple monthly statement. Verizon Freedom for business allows business owners and employees to call whoever they need, with no restrictions on time of day, or length of call. The Verizon Freedom for business plans provide businesses with discounts on other Verizon services like Verizon dsl, high speed internet, and Toll Free Service as well. Verizon Freedom for business also makes two call feature packages available to business owners, providing a reduction in cost over adding each feature separately.

Providing a fixed flat rate for all direct dialed calls is one benefit to business owners. Opening the phone bill will never again be a frightening ordeal. Having a fixed rate provides easier budgeting, and allows business owners to have much better control over costs and overhead.

The Verizon Freedom for business plans allow business owners better control of costs. Gone are the days when one extended phone call to a supplier on the opposite coast could cost the entire phone budget for the month. Having unlimited direct dialed local, regional, and long distance calling prevents this scenario from happening. Business owners can call their suppliers any time of day, for any length of time necessary, without having to worry about wreaking havoc with the phone bill.

The Verizon Freedom for business plan also provides business owners with one simple monthly statement. There is no need to try and keep track of 14 pages of phone bill every month. Having one simplified bill, with one line for all the charges for your Verizon Freedom for business package simplifies record keeping and accounting.

A Verizon Freedom for business plan also makes the business eligible for discounts on other Verizon services. A reduction in the cost of high speed internet, Verizon dsl, toll free services, and calling features is another benefit of the Verizon Freedom for business plans.

The Verizon Freedom for business plans provides businesses with many benefits. A fixed flat rate, unlimited local, regional, and long distance calls, provided on one simplified monthly statement eases record keeping duties, accounting duties, and budgeting for the business owner. Choosing the Verizon Freedom plan that best fits your business is a wise decision.

Verizon Freedom Plans, a Great Value

Verizon is well known for its reliable wireless phone service. Verizon home phone services come with the same reliability, quality, and dedication to value. Verizon Freedom plans are one example of Verizon’s dedication to providing its customers the highest value in home phone service available today, at the lowest prices possible.

Verizon Freedom plans are an unlimited local and long distance plan. You can call your aunt in California, your uncle in New York, your son who is away at college, and your cousins in Ontario, as often as you want, for as long as you want. Feel free to catch up with that old college roommate, or your best friend from high school you haven’t seen for years. Verizon Freedom plans offer unlimited local and long distance calling all over the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Verizon Freedom plans provide families the opportunity to stay close in spirit, even though they are spread out all over the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. With an unlimited Verizon Freedom Plan, and unmatched reliability, you can visit with just about anyone, just about anywhere, just about any time. Remember to be careful though, Grandma Ethel in Iowa may not appreciate a phone call at 2AM.

Verizon Freedom plans also offer some important calling features most people can’t live without. Voice mail, call waiting, caller id, three-way calling, and more are all available to Verizon Freedom customers. So you won’t miss the call if you are talking to your friend across town and your brother in Arizona calls to wish you a happy birthday. There is unlimited access to troubleshooting tips and user manuals at the online support center. Verizon Freedom also an inside wire maintenance plan in the rare case a problem does arise.

Verizon Freedom plans also offer customers the convenience of a simplified bill. A single line item covers all relevant package charges. You can see how much you the total bill is without having to sift through endless pages of details about every call made every month.

Verizon Freedom plans are a great value for any family, and with several unlimited plans to choose from, every family is sure to find the right one. With one of the most reliable networks in the nation, unlimited local and long distance calling, an inside wire maintenance plan, access to 24/7 support, and some essential calling features, Verizon Freedom plans are a sure fit for almost any family’s budget.