Verizon Fios Sales

National Direct Marketing Company Vender for Verizon Fios in Tampa HAS 5 openings for Sales Representatives 1 opening for Managers in training …

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Verizon Fios Sales

Verizon Invites FiOS TV Customers to Host 1,000 Football-Watching Parties for the Biggest Game of the Year (PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance)

Verizon is planning 1,000 simultaneous in-home football-watching parties on Feb. 7 â the biggest pro football day of the year. Â Hosted by Verizon FiOS TV customers, the parties will give tens of thousands of people the opportunity to experience the FiOS TV difference first-hand.

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Verizon Invites FiOS TV Customers to Host 1,000 Football-Watching Parties for the Biggest Game of the Year (PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance)

Verizon Bundles

Verizon is nearly legendary for providing customers with quality products, services, and reliability. Verizon bundles continue their reputation, and display a dedication to providing customers everywhere with the best value for their dollar. Verizon bundles provide families with many benefits including simplified budgeting, record keeping, and a reduction in paper waste.

With Verizon bundles you have several choices. You can choose to bundle only your telephone and internet, for one price, at a lower price than purchasing each item separately. The Double Play bundle comes with Verizon Freedom Value plan and High Speed Internet, on one bill, for one low monthly price. Verizon Freedom plans include unlimited local and long distance calling, with High Speed Internet on America’s most reliable network. The High Speed Internet has a download speed of one Mbps, considerably faster than dial up connections.

A second option in Verizon bundles is the Triple Play. This plan includes everything you get with the Double Play bundle and 150 all digital Direct TV channels in the Direct TV Choice package. Included in the Direct TV choice package are family favorites, movies, sports, 63 Direct TV music channels and more.

A third option in Verizon bundles is the Triple Play Plus. This Verizon bundle includes the Verizon Freedom Essentials plan, with unlimited local and long distance calling, and three calling features most people can’t live without, call waiting, caller id, and voice mail. It includes a three Mbps High Speed Internet plan. The third item in the Triple Play Plus Verizon bundle is a Direct TV DVR Plus package which includes 200 all digital channels, a free DVR upgrade, and free Showtime for 12 months.

All of the Verizon bundle plans come with one simplified bill at one fixed flat rate per month. Instead of paying three separate bills each month, you can pay one bill, at a discounted rate from purchasing all three services separately. This simplifies budgeting, record keeping, reduces paper waste, and provides your family with quality services at a great price.

Verizon bundles are a great value for any family and with several options to choose from the right one for your family’s needs is certain to be any easy decision to make. Simplified budgeting, simplified record keeping, a reduction in paper waste, and high quality, reliable service all for one low monthly price makes Verizon bundles a simple choice for every family.