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The Federal Communications Commission's upcoming national broadband plan could bring big changes to how wireless airwaves get doled out — changes that may run against the wishes of the two biggest carriers, AT&T and Verizon Wireless. … CBS (CBS) and Walt Disney (DIS) may participate in Apple's (AAPL) plan to sell TV subscriptions over the Internet, a service that could compete with the bundles of channels that cable and satellite companies traditionally sell in packages … Investor's Business Daily – Investing… –

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Verizon Freedom for Business

Verizon Freedom for Business offers many of the same benefits to businesses as Verizon Freedom plans do for the home consumer. Unlimited direct dialed local, regional, and long distance calls, billed at one fixed flat rate, on one simple monthly statement. Verizon Freedom for business allows business owners and employees to call whoever they need, with no restrictions on time of day, or length of call. The Verizon Freedom for business plans provide businesses with discounts on other Verizon services like Verizon dsl, high speed internet, and Toll Free Service as well. Verizon Freedom for business also makes two call feature packages available to business owners, providing a reduction in cost over adding each feature separately.

Providing a fixed flat rate for all direct dialed calls is one benefit to business owners. Opening the phone bill will never again be a frightening ordeal. Having a fixed rate provides easier budgeting, and allows business owners to have much better control over costs and overhead.

The Verizon Freedom for business plans allow business owners better control of costs. Gone are the days when one extended phone call to a supplier on the opposite coast could cost the entire phone budget for the month. Having unlimited direct dialed local, regional, and long distance calling prevents this scenario from happening. Business owners can call their suppliers any time of day, for any length of time necessary, without having to worry about wreaking havoc with the phone bill.

The Verizon Freedom for business plan also provides business owners with one simple monthly statement. There is no need to try and keep track of 14 pages of phone bill every month. Having one simplified bill, with one line for all the charges for your Verizon Freedom for business package simplifies record keeping and accounting.

A Verizon Freedom for business plan also makes the business eligible for discounts on other Verizon services. A reduction in the cost of high speed internet, Verizon dsl, toll free services, and calling features is another benefit of the Verizon Freedom for business plans.

The Verizon Freedom for business plans provides businesses with many benefits. A fixed flat rate, unlimited local, regional, and long distance calls, provided on one simplified monthly statement eases record keeping duties, accounting duties, and budgeting for the business owner. Choosing the Verizon Freedom plan that best fits your business is a wise decision.