Verizon Bundles – Saves you More Money

Verizon Bundles up Services to Save you Money

Verizon now offers some amazing bundle deals where you can get a bundle of internet, phone and television service all at one low monthly price. This idea is not new within the industry, but because bundled services is so popular, Verizon has offered their bundles at amazing prices.

Verizon bundle services let you get three service from the same provider. That means instead of three separate bills each month, you only get one. Plus ordering a bundle means you get upfront savings. Verizon offers various deals, with the current one being a cash back deal. All deals offer a discount for each individual service. Most offers have a time limit in which you must sign up for the service before the ending date to receive the deal. Additionally, most offers are open to only new customers. Current customers can get a bundle package, but may not qualify for the special deals that are currently taking place.

The Verizon bundle offers you Verizon high speed internet, Verizon freedom unlimited local and long distance calling services and DIRECTC service at $79.99 a month. If you order by June 20, 2009, you will get back up to $150 in a prepaid card. In addition, with the phone service each customer gets a phone consultation with the premium technical support team for free within the first 30 days of service.

The idea behind the great deals from Verizon is that these deals are something customers need. In today’s strained economic environment, customers need all the value they can get for their dollar. It is true that ordering a bundled service can save you big money. You get large discounts on each individual service within the bundle. This equals an overall savings that will make you truly happy.

It is well worth considering this bundle deal if you are looking for a way to lower bills. It also helps those who want to simplify bill paying since you get all three bills in one. As always, Verizon offers free 24/7 technical phone support for their services, so you always have the backing of the company if you should ever need assistance.

Verizon has recently made changes within its networks and continues to make changes to help increase the quality of services and the value of services for customers. Bundled service packages are just one way that the company is looking out for their customers. Recent decisions within the company help to assure that you will always get the best deals.

Verizon has recently went through some downsizing in terms of their coverage networks. The sale of various rural networks has allowed for Verizon to focus more on existing customers in the next few years.

In fact, Verizon is already announcing plans for expanding the advanced FiOS Intenret & FiOS TV services to their customers. This will mean that in the future, not only will you have a great bundled deal, but you will be getting service from one of the top companies in the industry. You will have access to all the latest technology and the ability to stay on the forefront of new trends in communications. Verizon wants to ensure that customers never miss out on anything.

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Verizon Bundles their Verizon Internet Service and Calling Plans

Verizon Bundles their Verizon Internet Service and Calling Plans

Tired of paying high prices for your different services? Well, Verizon has heard you and they are offering some great bundles.  If you are looking to move away from dial up internet service, check out the DSL and calling plan bundles from Verizon.  We are all aware of the high caliber of cell phone service that Verizon has, so now is a great time to check out their other services.  A special of $49.99 per month for a one year period is being advertised for DSL and calling plan.  They call it the Double Play, and if you want to order it online the price is reduced by another five dollars a month for a year.

Let’s take a closer look at the Verizon calling plan first.  The name of it is Verizon Freedom Value.  You will receive unlimited calling so that you can talk to anyone wherever they are for one price.  Not only is this good throughout the United States, but it encompasses Canada and Puerto Rico.   Imagine your local, regional and long distance calling for one fixed price.  Verizon promises that you will receive the same reliability that you have come to expect from them.  If you need to make international calls you can also add this to the Verizon Freedom Value calling plan.

The Verizon High Speed Internet – Starter Plan gives the user 1 Mbps connection speed.  This is thirty four times faster than your old dial up service.  Statistics show that well over a hundred million customers use this Verizon service.  Some of the additional things that come with the internet plan are: Verizon’s reliable service, up to nine e-mail accounts, 10 MB of your own personal web space and total synchronization with your BlackBerry.

If the above extras aren’t enough to convince you, then let’s complete the list.  You can get discounts on movies and games, and your Verizon Broadband can come with your choice of Windows Live, Yahoo or AOL.  Can’t live without being up to date with any sports news? Don’t worry.  Not only will you have sports information, you will get news and entertainment.  The security that is provided is excellent and you can expect tech support twenty four/seven.  If for some reason you are not satisfied with the service, you can take advantage of their thirty day money back policy.

The Verizon internet service is easy to install.  You will receive everything you need to install it yourself with a free kit.  No waiting for someone to come to your home.  All of the installation will be done ahead of your start up date.  It is simple to install, easy to use, and gives you the speed that you want in internet service.

Log on to the Verizon web site or visit a Verizon store to find out about the great Verizon Bundles for DSL and calling plan.  If you sign up online you can expect to get extra savings for the first year of service.  Verizon is helping you to save money and have the most advanced services available.

Verizon Bundles

Verizon is nearly legendary for providing customers with quality products, services, and reliability. Verizon bundles continue their reputation, and display a dedication to providing customers everywhere with the best value for their dollar. Verizon bundles provide families with many benefits including simplified budgeting, record keeping, and a reduction in paper waste.

With Verizon bundles you have several choices. You can choose to bundle only your telephone and internet, for one price, at a lower price than purchasing each item separately. The Double Play bundle comes with Verizon Freedom Value plan and High Speed Internet, on one bill, for one low monthly price. Verizon Freedom plans include unlimited local and long distance calling, with High Speed Internet on America’s most reliable network. The High Speed Internet has a download speed of one Mbps, considerably faster than dial up connections.

A second option in Verizon bundles is the Triple Play. This plan includes everything you get with the Double Play bundle and 150 all digital Direct TV channels in the Direct TV Choice package. Included in the Direct TV choice package are family favorites, movies, sports, 63 Direct TV music channels and more.

A third option in Verizon bundles is the Triple Play Plus. This Verizon bundle includes the Verizon Freedom Essentials plan, with unlimited local and long distance calling, and three calling features most people can’t live without, call waiting, caller id, and voice mail. It includes a three Mbps High Speed Internet plan. The third item in the Triple Play Plus Verizon bundle is a Direct TV DVR Plus package which includes 200 all digital channels, a free DVR upgrade, and free Showtime for 12 months.

All of the Verizon bundle plans come with one simplified bill at one fixed flat rate per month. Instead of paying three separate bills each month, you can pay one bill, at a discounted rate from purchasing all three services separately. This simplifies budgeting, record keeping, reduces paper waste, and provides your family with quality services at a great price.

Verizon bundles are a great value for any family and with several options to choose from the right one for your family’s needs is certain to be any easy decision to make. Simplified budgeting, simplified record keeping, a reduction in paper waste, and high quality, reliable service all for one low monthly price makes Verizon bundles a simple choice for every family.