Is Verizon Teaming up with Apple

If all the rumors are true, the latest internet scuttlebutt is music to the ears of iPhone users as well as die-hard Verizon enthusiasts. There are reports from the net denizens that tell us that a Sprint iPhone 4G is just weeks off from release. They also say that some other things are in the works to impress the iPhone users.

There hasn’t been an official release date yet for the one rumor, but the second that being a Verizon iPhone. Those in a position to analyze are saying that it should be in the fall sometime later this year.

The confirmation that we’re looking for on the iPhone 4G is pretty much offered by the price cuts that we’re seeing across the country. Just a few days ago Walmart announced to the world that they were cutting the cost of a 3G iPhone in half. It will now sell for about 97 dollars as opposed to the 199 that it currently sells for. Business week magazine says that the price cuts are our signal that Apple is headed toward a new release of the iPhone and to watch for it.

To top it all off the rumors of a Verizon and iPhone team up are just rampant. For those of you who don’t know, Apple iPhones are currently only allowed to be offered by a certain carrier that simply hasn’t satisfied everyone.

The monopoly on the iPhone isn’t one that customers are supporting and with every passing rumor and each passing week the Verizon iPhone support is growing among the consumers who love the iPhone but simply don’t want to work with At&T. It looks at this point, as if its not just wishful thinking anymore.

Analysts are saying that the time for a team up between Apple and Verizon has come. They expect the Verizon release to take place about late fall, perhaps as late in the year as Christmas. Another faction says that the Verizon iPhone release won’t happen until 2011, but what everyone seems to agree on is that it will happen.

The expectation is that Apple will announce their 4G iPhone release date at WWDC, but no one seems to know with which carrier they are going to announce it.

Beginning in March of this year, it seemed that not a week went past that Verizon and Apple team-ups were whizzing past in the internet rumor mill. Things have heated up remarkably recently with items in the Wall Street Journal, who definitely gave it a touch of legitimacy.

According to WSJ, Apple was making a whole new iPhone to be launched later this summer, and they conjectured that Apple “seemed” or appeared to be working on a type that would use the CMDA tech.

How half the business world uses the Wall Street Journal to lend credence to the rumors, so as you might imagine, just seeing it there made it gospel. They speculated the “seems to be” workings of the alleged CDMA flavor of the iPhone was slated for use with a United States carrier–namely Verizon. At the same time, they also noted that it was being manufactured at a different firm than the normal Hon Hai manufacturers.

There has been a long wait and a huge desire for a CDMA variety of the iPhone, and it’s been ongoing almost since the very first release of the very first iPhone into the hands of waiting customers. Many users of the iPhone complain loudly and vehemently about poor 3G coverage, lousy service, and myriad dropped calls, and just as loudly have asked for a different carrier? Is Apple finally listening?

People had their hopes raised when Apple seemed to deliberately thumb their nose at AT&T with their introduction of the iPhone OS 3.0. Some of the main features like MMS and tethering were not supported by At&T and it seemed like a very deliberate action.

For their part, AT&T isn’t likely to let the iPhone go without a fight and it seems ridiculous to believe that they won’t do all within their considerable power to keep a tight lock on the Iphone.

There is, to the great dismay of the Verizon-iPhone users, also a rumor that the new flavor of iPhone isn’t for the United States market at all but a foreign one. Where does it end up? Time alone will tell.