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For those of you who don’t know, Skype is a chat and instant messenger that permits you to simply click a button and get in touch via your computer with people the world over. Skype lets you make free phone calls all over the world using just a single mouse click. What could be easier than being able to either talk through your PC microphone or type your messages and have them instantly fly to your friends or loved ones for no cost?

Skype has been called an “imaginary bridge” to people that you know around the globe. That statement is closer to the truth than you can imagine. Many of us simply can’t afford to make international calls to our friends in England, Ireland, or Australia. The cost of those phone calls can be exorbitant if we make them from a land line and pay traditional rates for each minute that we speak. Skype doesn’t charge a minute-by-minute fee for the phone calls to friends. In fact, Skype doesn’t charge any fee in many cases for a phone call to another Skype user.

Skype and Verizon have teamed up to make one of the most powerful new duos in the world.

Using your Verizon phone you can make unlimited Skype- to- Skype calls or use the Skype instant messenger to visit with anyone around the world.

You can make your Skype calls now on your Verizon mobile phone. That means that you’re not tied to a computer when it is time to make those skype calls. In addition you can use your Verizon mobile phone without losing a single minute of your time. Your Skype calls don’t count against your total minutes used when you use your mobile Verizon phone to make the call to another Skype user, although they do deduct minutes when you call a land line or mobile phone using Skype.

Skype is mobile now which means that staying in touch with your Skype friends just got easier to accomplsh. Verizon is among the most reliable wireless phones in the world, so that means your Skype just got more reliable too. You can contact someone in the UK or even Australia using Skype from your Verizon mobile phone and not have a single minute deducted from your wireless minutes so long as you are calling another Skype user. The advantages of having Skype on your mobile phone are readily apparent. If it doesn’t use your minutes, and it doesn’t cost you long distance, it’s one of the most useful new tools that you’ve had on a cell phone in years.

Everyone loves Skype. Staying connected to people all over the world and making calls on your skype is part of the fun. Being tied down to your PC wasn’t part of the fun, but that’s changed thanks to the team-up of skype and Verizon that just took place.

Skype Mobile is a new tool that users around the world can simply put in their pocket and go. Skype mobile makes your life a lot easier. Free calls from your Verizon phone that don’t take minutes are a great offering from both Skype and Verizon.

You can download Skype Mobile from your Verizon website. Simply click the download button and install the software. If you don’t currently have a Skype user name, register for one following the leads you’re going to see on your mobile phone. The rest is easy as pie. Even if you’ve never used Skype before you’re not going to have any problem at all. Add your contacts which you can import from your PC, or if you sign in using your pre-registered name, Skype will load your online contacts for you so they are already in place. Just click the phone icon next to the user that you’d like to call and you’re ready to go.

Instant phone calls to any other Skype user in the world and no minutes deducted from your Verizon wireless plan unless you choose to call land lines or phones that do not belong to Skype users. Encourage your friends and family to install Skype mobile on their own Verizon mobile phones so that the two of you have a better and cheaper way to stay in touch all the time.

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  1. I have verizon as a provider but I am not happy about this duo. Let me explain why,

    1) No normal phone gets this Skype add on. Only ones that do are the high-end $30 per month smartphones. Not everyone can afford that or really need it.

    2) Verizon has set it up in a way that you will lose a good amount of data using it. I called customer service and they explained a 5 minute video call can cost 10mb. I was shocked.

    Just a few comments from me. Its still a good business deal from their end.

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