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Last Verified On: 09/09/2014

DSL service is provided through a home or business’s phone lines. If there is phone service in the building with the DSL there can be interference between the phone and the DSL. A DSL filter is used to prevent this from happening.

If you have DSL and a home phone and have heard static while you were on the phone you could be getting interference from the DSL. By placing a filter on all of your phone lines you can make sure there will not be any problems.

The filter acts as a barrier between the phone and the DSL. It prevents one from bleeding over to the other. A filter needs to be installed on any phone line in your house. This includes fax and answering machines.

Without a DSL filter you may experience slow internet speed and noise while you are talking on the phone. To install a DSL filter you simply plug it into your phone jack. You then plug your phone line into the DSL filter.

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One Response to “DSL Filters are Important”

  1. DSL Filters says:

    Never filter the actual DSL modem (filter between the modem and wall jack or line connection). It can happen, theres two jacks on most filters. Something to check if you have connection or speed problems. DSL filter limit is 5 or less.