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Last Verified On: 08/11/2014

AT&T released what is being referred to as the “All for Less” plan for small businesses. Included in the “All for Less” plan is wireless service, high speed internet, and unlimited local and long distance service. The cost is under $100 a month.

The plan is available for small businesses with one to four lines of service. It will include 450 minutes of wireless service each month on AT&T’s wireless network. Businesses will also have high speed internet service included in the plan.

The internet service will include a variety of speeds. So finding one right for your business will not be an issue. You will get 11 email accounts, business class technical support, and AT&T Wi-FiSM connectivity at more than 20,000 hot spots. There will also be an all in one protection suite for certain tiers.

Small businesses taking advantage of the new “All for Less” plan will get unlimited local calling with caller ID and call forwarding. Long distance will include unlimited domestic calling.

This is a great way for small businesses to cut costs. If you are interested visit att.com/AllForLess .

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