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Last Verified On: 08/25/2014

AT&T customers will soon have McAfee anti-virus protection for their computers. Subscribers to AT&T high-speed DSL and U-verse will get a complimentary subscription to the security suite software.
AT&T’s security suite will include the following programs. Anti-virus protection, anti-spy-ware, two-way firewall protection, anti-phishing solutions, PC tune-up tools, McAfee® SiteAdvisor (a Web site safety tool), and McAfee Active Protection which will provide the fastest protection against malicious threats to PCs.

Bob Bickerstaff, vice president of consumer data products for AT&T stated that “We want our customers to have peace of mind online knowing their computers and personal information are protected from cybercriminals.” He also went on to say “It’s important that our customers be able to enjoy a safe online experience, and by installing our strong security suite, they can stay ahead of common potential threats.”

If you are an AT&T internet customer and would like to download the security suite program visit the att.net homepage.

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3 Responses to “At&T Adds McAfee Anti-virus to Their Security Suite Software”

  1. Aimee says:

    I have used McAfee before and found it to slow down my computer. I wonder if that will still be the case, or have they made improvements.

  2. O.k. … I normally dislike it when some people leave a comment scarcely saying “Skillful topic”, but wow, that’s one amazing topic!

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